Leadership coaching & op model change

Recruited to deputise for the founder and CEO with client deliveries and with the company’s evolving operating model, I built and managed a small high quality delivery team, and worked to develop a model that built on successful company efforts and learned from unsuccessful ones.

​One of the few employees with startup experience and management expertise, I gave freely and amply of my time to the management team and to functional experts looking for a sounding board. I loved this part of my job – helping people to make sound decisions, and supporting them in their growth.

​Awash with interesting opportunities, we needed focus, and so I built a process for channeling ideas through an executive decision forum, pushing initiatives to be structured and defined, and formally decided upon, before resources were devoted.

​All good work, and necessary, but growth was hard, and the team too large to win at either of the lynchpin tasks: improving product quality and saleability, and getting clients to say yes. Team size compounded the problem of focus – too many people, too many ideas. The business needed tight engineering management, directive senior vision, and a streamlined (smaller) team. The head of engineering and I left on the same day.

Susan immediately injected discipline into company processes, contributing to transparency, prioritization, clarification of objectives and alignment…and helped the whole company become more professional and structured.

Guido Meardi, V-Nova Co-Founder and CEO

Widely respected for her engaging manner, Susan is impressively adept at communicating clearly and assertively to all levels, facilitating decision making as well as ensuring on-going work remained true to previous decisions.

Rob Slaughter, Agile PMO Lead and V-Nova USA Regional Manager