Secret Cinema


Unlocking creativity

Another old friend rang. “Susan, we’re about to undertake a huge range of projects and no one in the team knows how to scale a business. Can you help?” Max had been my sponsor at Talk Talk 9 years before and knew me well enough to trust that I could step in and make a difference.

He’d brought the business through Covid and had big plans for change. After a few adjustments to company governance and objective-setting, we embarked on a journey to build a unique digital performance platform and prepare for tripling show capacity.

A lengthy fundraising process led to acquisition by TodayTix in Autumn 2022, just as I was standing up a cross-functional services team to support our growing show slate and consolidating disparate support services into a happy team of complementary capabilities, including customer service, web, logistics, IT, video & graphic design. The aim was to remove complexity from production and creative teams and to unlock their ability to just deliver magical shows, as well as to enable the company to support many more productions than it was used to doing.