Leadership transition

Introduced by mutual friends, I was an early investor in this start-up salad business that began its life in Leadenhall Market in the City. Because of my multisite catering background, I was asked to be the first Investor Director and shortly thereafter became Chairman.

​My formal role involved everything you’d expect – Board building, governance, shareholder communications, fundraising, and supporting the Board and Executive in key decisions on new sites, development of the operating model, and key staff recruitment.

​Arguably more important, though, was my role as coach and sounding board to the founding MD, and locus of the very difficult decision to transition to new leadership. Six years of deep relationship building stood me in good stead – while difficult, the transition was successful, and the business has grown beautifully under its second MD, securing institutional investment and growing into a successful multi-city business.

​My experience with Chop’d is the work I am proudest of – the relationship of confidence built with the executive team, and the gratitude of investors, very precious to me.

Susan has been a major driver behind the success of Chop’d and the company owes her a great deal.

Eddie Holmes, Chop'd Managing Director