Community Growth

We are so interdependent, our global systems so efficient, that the slightest blip (a boat stuck in the Suez canal) can affect us all (our packages don’t arrive on time). A major disruption on the scale of Covid, and of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, has catastrophic effects on all of us.

Finally understanding the impact of the food system on our climate and our global health, I am in the process of a career pivot. I intend to spend the rest of my career applying my complex delivery and scaling skills to improving the food system and national nutrition in the UK. Watch this space!

help startups to scale

Scaling New Ventures

My passion is helping new ventures scale. The pace and challenges of a new venture business are unique, and present unique issues which sometimes founders need help getting through.

Success at these transitions can be make or break. I have been through many and love nothing more than adding my shoulder to the wheel.

scaling partner corporate

Corporate Growth

I’m great at really big cross-functional projects – I’ve done lots of them for big well-known companies and brilliant sponsors and have loved every minute.

They’ve taught me a great deal about the value and dangers of process, growing too quickly, and managing complexity. You can read a bit about them in the corporate section of my site.