High-risk pedigree since early career

  • In my early professional life, I spent three years in Russia with Price Waterhouse and others – delivering projects for large domestic and multinational companies while new ventures sprung up around them. In my spare time, I explored Moscow's new business environment on foot, talking to entrepreneurs as they explored new possibilities
  • Since then, I’ve built value from risky situations for London start-ups Internet Securities (Euromoney), Seattle Coffee Company (Starbucks), and Secret Cinema (TodayTix Group), helping pave the way to successful acquisitions for all three.

Key roles leading major projects and integrations

  • I led key integration projects for Starbucks (Seattle Coffee) and Spirit Group (Scottish & Newcastle) in store acquisitions & openings, operations and services, and supply chain.
  • I project managed Rio Tinto’s defense against BHP’s hostile takeover attempt.
  • I launched TV at TalkTalk and rebranded ntl:Telewest into Virgin Media, leading broad and deep programmes of work that touched every part of the business and put company leadership through rigorous gating to ensure success.
  • As COO, I introduced practices better suited to Molton Brown’s growing global brand.
  • I built and managed many teams of talented individuals, learning how to select, train, develop, and challenge good people to surpass their own expectations.

Passionate about bringing balance, growth and guidance to new businesses

  • Since 2015 I've been working with innovators like V-Nova, Farm Direct, Founders4Schools, Marylebone Boys School, Origin, Secret Cinema, Nuw, Airex Tech and Uniti Networks, applying and integrating my broad experience across old and new economies and a wide range of operating environments to help create value for new businesses.
  • My particular areas of expertise are in driving product-market fit, unifying focus on commercially critical proof points, and stretching the capabilities and productivity of founders and their teams.
helping start-ups scale

Leadership at difficult pivot points

  • As Chairman, I steered Chop'd through a difficult turnaround and leadership transition, paving the way for VC investment and 16 years of continued growth.
  • My coaching helped Global Medic Force to grow funding 16x in 3 years, enabling broad expansion.
  • At Secret Cinema, I Introduced and reinforced more structure, process and professionalism into the leadership culture as a prerequisite to its plans to scale, and in so doing helped secure its exit to TodayTix Group in autumn 2022.