Prioritise. Deliver. Listen. Learn. Repeat. Focus on the fit.

Susan Arndt | Scaling Partner

My passion is helping start-ups to scale.

I’m great at really big cross-functional projects – I’ve done lots of them for big well-known companies and brilliant sponsors and have loved every minute.

They’ve taught me a great deal about the value and dangers of process, growing too quickly, and managing complexity. You can read a bit about them in the corporate section of my site.

My passion, though, is helping start-ups scale. The pace and challenges of a scale-up business are unique, and present unique issues which sometimes founders need help getting through. Success at these transitions can be make or break. I have been through many and love nothing more than adding my shoulder to the wheel.

Susan is exclusively focused on helping people get things done.

Chris Saunders, Co-Founder of Finspira and Symmitree

I’ve been a founder, held line roles, run integration projects in support of acquisitions, sat on Boards, advised and led leadership transitions, coached founders and senior managers, been a Chairman, pushed executives to deliver swiftly, made bad decisions and good decisions, made money, parked money in illiquid ventures, and hired met led and learned from amazing people who love what they do every day, despite the long hours and challenges it brings.

If you or someone you know in a brilliant start-up could use some support getting to scale, or you are looking for non-executive or interim executive leadership for an exciting strategic project, please get in touch.

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